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Unlike some of our competitors, we do not require you to learn how to use a complicated administrative interface to "manage your accounts." We figure if you wanted to learn all that, and do all your own administration, you'd get your own Exchange server. 

The majority of our customers are small businesses, looking at Exchange hosting precisely because they don't want to get bogged down in server administration. 

Making changes is as easy as sending us an email. When we receive your email, we do a "reality check" to help prevent mistakes, then fill the request and email you back with the necessary details.

You'll be communicating in plain English with an actual human being, someone who knows you and cares about your business. Often we suggest an alternative way of accomplishing a particular goal which saves our clients money.

Administration is a big part of the service we provide for our customers. We think competitors going in the direction of total self-service are making the same mistake big companies make when they implement a phone system that makes you press buttons for five minutes just to get a human being on the phone.

We say, focus on your business, and let us manage the Exchange servers. ‚Äč