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‚ÄčJournaling (Archiving)

The need for e-mail archiving is growing exponentially, fueled by the explosion of e-mail messages, as well as by concerns about regulatory compliance and litigation support.

Retaining every message which flows into, out of, or within your organization used to require costly third party services. Exchange changes all that. 

Journaling in Exchange can be configured per user. All messages can be journaled, or just those sent internally or externally. The journal recipient can be a mailbox on our systems or any external SMTP address.

Typically, one journal recipient mailbox is established for your organization and all messages to and from all users in your organization are journaled to this mailbox.

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Transport Rules
 Exchange Server includes a policy engine based on rules which execute on Exchange servers. With Transport Rules, administrators and compliance officers can establish and enforce regulatory or corporate policies on internal or outbound e-mail.

For example, rules can be written that would append a disclaimer to any message being sent externally, prohibit communication between members of distinct distribution lists, or BCC the compliance officer anytime a specific phrase appears in the subject or content of a message. 

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