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​Copy Machine & Scanner Setup

There are two different ways to set up machines which will send emails. It depends whether the emails sent from the machine will go to internal recipients only, or alternatively the emails need to be able to go to internal and external recipients. Choose which of these applies to you then follow the instructions for that choice.

Emails will be sent only to internal recipients: 

In this case the machine can be configured without authentication (also referred to as anonymous).

Server name
Port Number 25
Server IP address (if needed)
No user name or password is supplied
The "from" address can be anything you like but a valid sender address reduces the likelihood of problems.


Emails will be sent to internal and external recipients

In this case the machine can be configured to authenticate with a username and password. Use the server names and port numbers below to configure.

​​​Server name
Port Number587
Encryption MethodTLS
User name Any valid username in the complete​ format
Password The password for that user
The "from" address must match the credentials being supplied. That is, you can't send messages which claim to be from one person while supplying the username and password of a different person.​  ​


If the anonymous method doesn't work for your particular machine, there is no harm in using the second method, with authentication, even though your recipients will be internal. If you use the server you must authenticate. If you use the server ​ you must not authenticate.​

Please contact support if additional information is needed.