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Last modified at 10/15/2013 12:18 PM by Bill Coulter (admin)
Outlook Updates
Outlook must be updated with the current Office/Outlook service pack in order to successfully connect with Exchange 2013. In addition to the service pack, there are critical and optional updates which are also needed. Before you create your Outlook profile, go to Microsoft Update and get the latest updates for Outlook.
Microsoft Update is accessed differently in Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. In all cases you can start by going to the following URL in Internet Explorer.
If asked, accept the prompts to install necessary components. 
In Windows 8, 7 and Vista, accept all important updates and click Review Optional Updates to accept all updates for Office/Outlook.
In Windows XP, once all the components are installed, you'll get a screen with two buttons where you'll need to choose between Express and Custom. Choose Custom. When the system returns your available updates, click into the optional updates as well as the critical ones. Accept all updates for Office/Outlook whether critical or optional.
In Windows XP there was a clear visual difference between Windows Update, which only updates Windows, and Microsoft Update, which also updates other Microsoft products such as Office/Outlook. In Windows 8, 7 and Vista this is made more confusing because the name you see is Windows Update regardless. You have to read closely to see the option in your Windows Update settings where it says you receive updates for Windows and other products from Microsoft Update.
No matter which version of Windows, or which version of Office/Outlook, you must find your way through the confusing interface and get the latest updates for Outlook.