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​​​SpamTitan - Email Protection, Security and Email Filtering
Webville offers SpamTitan email protection, security and email filtering included with our hosted Exchange.
SpamTitan email protection blocks phishing, malware, spam, viruses and other malicious email threats. SpamTitan provides advanced yet easy to use email protection for your business.​
You will receive a new quarantine report daily, if there are new messages in your quarantine. You can generate a new quarantine report on-demand at any time and you can browse the emails in your quarantine, with one easy click. This is especially useful if you're waiting for an important email which hasn't come. You don't have to wonder if it might have been filtered as spam, you can check immediately. 

We think SpamTitan is the best spam filter available today. Far better than Barracuda, which we used for many years. We think you'll agree. 

Check out the TitanHQ YouTube channel and the TitanHQ web site links below for more information. Webville also offers TitanHQ's EncryptTitan email encryption solution as an optional service.​

SpamTitan Advanced Email Security Solution Powered by TitanHQ​

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