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  ​iPhone and iPad Setup

From the home screen, touch Settings, then touch Accounts & Passwords. Touch Add Account.

Choose Exchange as the type of account (this is key).

Enter your email address and a description for the account. 

The description can be anything you like. 

Choose Sign In. Enter your password when prompted. 

You may be required to enter the server name. It is

Leave domain blank. Enter your Username (which is almost always your email address) in the Username box. Note the Username is the full email address - It is not simply the first part before the @ sign. It is not case sensitive. Touch the next button.

Confirm mail is selected (green). Select contacts, calendars, reminders and notes if desired and click Save. Your account will be added and ready to use.

See Apple's instructions here:​​ 


Above instructions are for adding your account to the built-in default email system on iPhone and iPad. Alternatively, you can download the free OWA App (for iPhone or iPad) from the App store and use that. Click here for OWA App instructions if interested. The OWA app has been very popular and Microsoft has decided to discontinue it in 2018.

Instead of the OWA app from the App Store, users with full-featured accounts (not webmail-only accounts), can use the Outlook for iOS and Android app from the App Store. Search the App Store for "Microsoft Outlook" 

​Note you must have the full featured "Exchange Plus" Webville account in order to add your Webville account as an Exchange account using the default email app on your mobile device. If you have the webmail-only account, use OWA through your smartphone web browser or the OWA App. ​