Last modified at 10/13/2014 2:04 PM by Bill Coulter (admin)

OWA App for iPhone/iPad

You can download and use the free OWA App from the Apple App store‚Äč, to use with your Webville Exchange account and your iPhone or iPad.

Note the OWA App is different from simply going to OWA in Safari (the web browser on the iPhone and iPad). If you go to OWA from the web browser of your mobile device, you'll get "OWA for devices," which is brilliant, but the OWA App remembers all your settings and comes up with the touch of one button, instead of requiring you to select the URL and login.

From the App Store, click the search button, type OWA and click Search. Choose OWA for iPhone or iPad as appropriate, from Microsoft Corporation. It is free. There are many third-party apps for sale, we refer here to the official Microsoft Corporation app, which is free.

The first time you start the App it will say, "before you start, you must have the latest version of Office 365 to use this app." Don't let that stop you. Touch continue. The App does work with Webville's hosted Exchange.

Type your email address and password where indicated and touch "sign in."

It may say "finding your settings" for a few moments, then display a confirmation dialog like the screenshot below. If the website where it found your settings is the correct Webville address "" as shown in the screenshot below, then you should trust the website and touch Close on that dialog to continue.

That's it, your OWA App has been configured and is ready to use.

If you need to reset the App and start over, to setup a different account for example, go to the main Settings button, scroll down to find OWA, and touch the switch to "Reset Application." The next time you start OWA it will give you the initial prompts again, like the first time.


 If you need to use multiple email accounts on your iPhone or iPad, use the built-in email system or go to OWA in Safari and log in with the appropriate credentials. The OWA App works with a single account. Click here for instructions on the built-in email system in iPhone and iPad.