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Server Names

iPhone / Android mobile device server name

See our iPhone Setup page or Android setup page for details. Usually all you need to know is your email address and the server name,  

Outlook - Exchange Server Names

See our Outlook Setup page for more details and step by step Outlook setup screen shots for configuration of Outlook on Mac or Windows as an Exchange client. 

RPC over HTTP proxy server
Outlook Anywhere server
Outlook Web Access server
Exchange ActiveSync server
Client Access Server
​Exchange Web Services​


POP, SMTP & IMAP Server Names

Use the server names and port numbers below to configure non-standard software or devices.


Protocol Server Name Authentication Encryption Port Number
SMTP (Outgoing) Yes TLS or Automatic 587
POP (Incoming) Yes TLS or Automatic 110
POP (Incoming) with SSL YesSSL
IMAP (Incoming) Yes TLS or Automatic 143
​IMAP (Incoming) with SSL


Secure login is required. 

Anonymous SMTP can be used only for recipients in your own organization. See the Copy Machine & Scanner Setup​ page for more details about SMTP server names and methods. 

See DNS Info for more about MX records, DNS and related issues.